The Scotch Whisky Industry Review Contents


Industry Section Page
Industry Background 1-10
World Consumption 12-15
Consumption by Markets General  16-19
USA  19-21
Top 12 Export Markets  22-23
Other Major Export Markets  23-27
Realised Prices for Main Markets  28-29
UK, Duties and Company Comment  0-41
World Consumption by Major Markets  43-45
Selling Prices (Export and UK  46-50
Production Costs and Profit Margins  52-56
Distillery Production and Stocks  57-61 
Consumption Trends and Forecasts to 2026 62-64
Historical Changes, Issues and Challenges  66-76
Harmonisation of Duties in the European Community  77-85
Company Section
Quoted Companies Diageo  89-93
Pernod Ricard  94-98
Names and Addresses of Scotch Whisky Groups  99-113
Major Companies with Scotch Whisky and Other Liquor Interests  114-117
Companies and their Top Export Markets  118
Distilling Section
Distillery Ownership  121-126
List of Distilleries  127-133
Distillery Map  134-135
Increases in Malt Distilling Capacity  136-154
Record of Distilleries in Production  155
Distilling Capacity Utilisation  156
Distillery Closures and Ownership Changes  157-163
New Distilleries and Current Developments  164-167
Translation of Gaelic Names  168-169
Number of Visitors  170-171
Distillery Addresses and Facilities in Alphabetical Order  173-200
Other Organisations  201-202
Case Sales
2022 Total Case Sales Estimates  205-210
2022 Bottled Malt Case Sales Estimates  212-217
Top Selling Brands  218
Blended Brands Case Sales 10 Year Record  219
Malt Brands Case Sales 10 Year Record  220
Major Whisky Groups Market Share  221
List of Bottled Brands
List of Bottled Brands Sold in UK and Overseas by Company and Category  224-236
Sponsorship in the Scotch Whisky Industry  240-245
Excise Duty  248-249
Broking Prices  250-251
Retail Prices of Leading Brands  252-253
Customs and Excise Revenue  254
Glossary of Terms  255
New Scotch Whisky Regulations  256


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